Why the World Has Gone Mad (And What to do About It)

“It is the integration of opposites that the mind cannot cope with. It is used to labeling, and then giving value to, opposites – ‘this is good, that is bad’. It doesn’t know what to do when those two merge.” ~Almine


Becoming a Contradiction:
In this chapter of Almine’s upcoming webinar experience, ‘The Golden Light of the Third Stage of Resurrection’, she discusses the metaphysics of questions and answers, specifically the function of demons as embodying chaos – the unanswered questions – lest it spill into our world.


The three stages of Resurrection, in which we move beyond the duality of body and soul – life & death, awake & dream, masculine & feminine – represent the steps through which the body learns to supersede matter, becoming made of the brilliant White Light that contains all knowledge of individuation. That is: all answers to all possible questions – the true meaning of the Akashic Records.

Until then, the increase in insanity is a kind of fallout that can arise when a world entrenched in mind becomes affected by the few entering into Resurrection. Their minds, says Almine, become befuddled by ‘becoming a contradiction’, and are not equipped to bridge the ‘gap of knowledge’ between opposites poles… between the questions and answers. The key is our bridging this gap with ‘The Golden Light of Glad Expectation’ – the 3rd Stage of Resurrection – removing the need for creatures that embody chaos.