There is Nothing to Know, Everything to Question (Almine | Underworld 05)

“When we realize that it doesn’t matter whether we understood something or not, life is beauty, it isn’t made up of duty. We don’t have to connect the dots. Because it’s an endless journey of no beginning and no end. All there is, is joyous discovery.” – Almine

In this video, Almine speaks of the Lost Kingdom: the realm of the purified instinctual and ‘the knowingness that has no reason’. As a result of the tyrannies of the mind and heart, this realm distorted as the underworld, which – microcosmically – is our subconscious mind.

This is the 5th video in Almine’s discourse ‘Reclaiming the Cosmic Underworld’, recorded at the Shamanic Women’s Retreat in September 2013.

Almine’s big question online course – ‘Ask Almine Anything 5’ – continues October 2013: