The Illusion of Choice, The Illusion of Timing [Illumination 49, 53]

⭐️Illumination 49
We have no real personal choice other than the quality of the moment – how well we live it, how much we see it and how much we enjoy it.
But surely, one might ask, if four dishes are placed on the table in front of us, we have the right to choose one? The choice we will ultimately make is determined by our particular perception level, cognitively or non-cognitively. This in turn is programmed by the One Life, the conductor of the orchestra. We think that, after certain deliberation, we’ve chosen a dish on a table, but the perception we are given for that moment chooses it for us.
In looking at life, we may think that wrong choices were made, but as we never really made them, that is impossible.

⭐️Illumination 53
Timing is a source of distress to many, yet it is an illusion. Many of the ‘if only’s’ of our lives are based on having missed opportunities that presented themselves. We think we have lost opportunities by not grabbing our chances the moment they appeared.
Our being as the One Life is our sustenance and can manifest anything in the present or future that it did in the past. This only happens however, when it is part of the Divine design of the spontaneous dance of existence. To be in step with this dance is to flourish. There are no timed moments nor do we have the ability to miss a key moment. If they are part of the choreography, we will most certainly choose to live them.