The Faun of Invertal

***The Faun of Invertal***
Almine’s mystical poem about her recent encounter with a Faun.

From a magical land, Invertal is its name
A Faun came to speak on a warm spring day
My hands full of mud, my hair awry
I planted my seedlings under an April sky
Tenderly raised on my window sill
I felt brief concern about the evening chill

“They will be fine, no need to fear
In the pale moonlight, I will be near
My songs I will play them and keep them warm
I’ll give them shelter against wind and storm”
His voice I could hear. Like a boy he did sound
But no form could I see. There was no one around

“You hear as I speak, but you can’t see me
Even though I stand by the cherry tree
The reason is that Fauns are shy,
With magic, they hide from others’ eyes
With a message I’ve come, for the Holy Ones
The Fauns are grateful for what you’ve done”

“In the Land of Invertal we rejoice
Your praises we sing with flute and voice
Gone are the monsters of forests and glades
By the gods once more, safe they’ve been made
Now we can dance in the light of the moon
To the beat of the drums and the ancient tunes”

His thanks he conveyed, and then disappeared
The song of the birds was all I could hear
In wonder and awe, I stood amazed
That from our presence so much had changed
Heralds of hope; Bringers of the dawn
Through our actions, a new world is born