Resurrecting Wild Woman (Almine | Underworld 04)

“We must resurrect wild woman and stir within us – through a deliberate choice of perspective – the adventure… The sense of adventure comes from a choice. And the choice is that we choose to look at life not as a burden, not as a hardship, not as a maze that we have to find our way through, or the hard knocks of life are coming to get us, but as a treasure chest, full of adventure, we need but reach out. It has as its very foundation the belief that life is good; life is benevolent.”

Almine evokes the exuberance and vibrancy of Wild Woman – the original feminine that was feared, mistrusted and deemed suspect. Through the world’s religions this aspect of our being was accordingly suppressed and replaced with a meek, sedate version of the ‘feminine’.

As Almine explains, Wild Woman is fundamental in our awareness of the divine, representing the first point of contact with the nuances felt from the Infinite. Without her, this connection is broken.

This is the fourth video in Almine’s discourse ‘Reclaiming the Cosmic Underworld’, recorded at the Shamanic Women’s Retreat in September 2013.