Reclaiming the Cosmic Underworld (Almine | Underworld 01)

Almine begins her discourse on the reclamation of the cosmic underworld — the subconscious mind — by elaborating on the realities and subpersonalities of Pristine Humanity and the God Kingdom. She also explains the importance of ‘the big questions’, asked by lightworkers and truth seekers, in steering the direction of life.

This is the first video in Almine’s discourse Reclaiming the Underworld, given at the Shamanic Women’s Retreat in September 2013. It builds upon previous video lectures given on Supergodhood and The Magic Life, both included in Almine’s online course, Entering Godhood III.

All videos in the Underworld discourse will be uploaded to YouTube in the coming weeks. This material is provided to establish the foundation for the purification of our instinctual reality which — like sexuality — has hitherto been hijacked by the program of survival. This metaphysical work was started in September’s Shamanic Retreat for Men and Shamanic Retreat for Women, and will continue in Almine’s October 2013 online course, Ask Almine Anything 5.

Ask Almine Anything 5

Entering Godhood III

Entering Godhood I and II

Please note: the voice in the background is the Russian translator that was present at the retreat this video was recorded.