How to Break Black Magic

Black magic, whether its source is intentional or unintentional, cannot be tackled head on. Almine outlines steps in how to deal with this:

– Plug the holes in your etheric fields with a Spagyric homeopathic called Psy Stabil. Often you can only obtain this through a licensed practioner. Almine does not provide this through her web site, but you can contact her office to order. (Note: substances such as alcohol and marijuana, will undermine your ability to plug these holes).

– Depending on the severity of the situation, as in for example psychosis, allopathic intervention from a medical doctor may be required. This is a temporary stopgap solution, but will create a foundation for healing.

– Strongly affirm your intent, at least 3 times a day, “I am free from any control, from any source”

– Soul search for the areas in your life you still believe to be controlling you. This belief in control provides a foothold for psychic energy or entities. Understand how this is ultimately rooted in your belief in life and death as the ultimate authority.