Global Health Symposium for Lightworkers Dec. 31, 2012
Special Online Event!
Almine presents the Global Health Symposium for Lightworkers!
December 31, 2012 7pm-12:20 am PST

At the launching of Almine’s The Handbook for Healers on New Year’s Eve 2012, a free symposium will be offered on health and wellbeing. This global online event will bring together speakers from around the world, addressing diverse health-related topics and culminates at midnight PST when Almine will speak to the participants on the release of Aranash Suba Yoga and why it’s called ‘the yoga of enlightenment’.

Moreover, she will address the increased electric charge in the cosmos and why this is causing health crises for lightworkers in particular. Almine will introduce solutions for this situation and also explain the role of supplements in a self-sovereign existence.
Not only will the participants receive healings in many deeply esoteric ways, the event will allow you to connect with the Global Light Family who are each in their own very ways leading humanity into a new era of health and well-being.

Made exclusively for participants, Almine will be releasing a set of 4 wheels that embody the components required to attain a state of eternal life for the body.

These set of 4 wheels, along with a fifth given during the event, create an alchemical equation allowing access to all dimensions, opening up abilities to have a magical life.
These four wheels will be given a week prior to the New Year to all registered participants.

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