Explorers of Consciousness (Ep. 3) #TeamAlmine #Podcast

0:00 – 6:45 Introduction by Almine
6:50 – 57:50 Team Almine Podcast

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What Happens at the End of Awakening?

• The Bird With the Broken Wing (Introduction by the Seer)
• The purpose of the Principles of Godhood and Pristine Humanity
• Big bang or black hole: collapsing the external realities of fractal multiplication into inner space
• To exit the Stage Play: our 4 choices at the end of Awakening
• Why the Principles of Godhood ‘submerged’ along with the Seer in her descent to the Underworld
• Why these foundational principles of reality have to be internalized now
• The Achilles heel of the Original Ones: shunning humanity