Crucified by Matrices

In this video, recorded at a recent private retreat, Almine
explains how the frame of the matrix, having four sides, acts
as the four directions who work to crucify you.

As the original four sides of the frame started seeing
themselves as separate, the four directions were created: the
physical, the soul and the upper and lower realms of spirit.
Vying for power, each side creates obscurities (in life) that
create karma, keeping you in their quarter. “When one is bound
by the mirrors’ programs, you are being crucified because all
the directions are pulling you at once.”

The undoing of this crucifixion is a special theme of the
November 2012 edition of Ultimate Meditation. Participants will
also receive an exclusive preview of a related video titled:
‘My God, Why have You Forsaken Me?’

Ultimate Meditation Course III