Calendar of Oneness – Almine

On the 24th of December, 2011, a most momentous event occurred in the cosmos: the “in breath and out breath of God”, the movement of the cosmic tube torus came to a stop. This put an end to cosmic linear time and represents the beginning of life unfolding through the alternating emphasis of cosmic tones — The Song of Creation.

Called the “Calendar of Oneness”, it is designed for a life of no opposites; existence beyond duality; spontaneously unfolding.

From life unfolding as a living work of art and the full surrender to the song of Infinite Expression, the following 7 tones are given. They don’t pre-exist. After the tones of the week have been expressed, the next seven tones are created.

To receive your weekly calendar of oneness, which includes daily sigils, angel names and poetic tones, you can register for one month at a time ($20.00) or for a year at a time ($200.00).

This is a non-cyclical calendar, meaning no day is ever repeated.