Award Winning Artwork by Almine – Paintings of Light

About Almine

My depth of knowledge as a mystic and an alchemist is also the impetus for the desire to transcend existing paradigms through my visual art and music. My art has been produced primarily for the enjoyment and edification of my global student-base. My exposure to the public at large is therefore a new venture. My sincere desire is that my art will inspire viewers to live an extraordinary and boundless life.

About the Art

The collection of art shown on this website, is so much more than meets the eye and warms the heart. It is meant to alter the paradigm of the viewer in an unprecedented way only a Seer who walks between the worlds can do. It is to the world’s benefit that the leading mystic of our age, also happens to be a world-class artist.

The feeling of being changed by contemplating these images, stems from their subtle influences that loosen the grip of reason. They speak the language of the dream-bodies, the soul and spirit of man, creating a bridge of communication between these aspects. The definition of a master is one who accesses the totality of his power through the communication and integration of all his aspects. The images, coupled with their insights, are a powerful tool of enlightenment and mastery.

The limitation of dense physicality, produces contracted vision and unconscious living and creates separation consciousness by affirming the unchangeable and solid nature of form. Almine’s art trains the eye to release its belief in solid form for when form is seen as fluid, a life of miracles ensues.

“May the wondrous realms we can experience through these precious windows into eternity, inspire us to live beyond mortal boundaries. May the hope they instill in our hearts that we may break free from the imprisonment of mind and matter, flourish and grow.” ~ Almine