Ascended Master Sacred Space Technology

Designed by Almine in conjunction with the ascended masters she works with, this technology generates life-enhancing standing waveforms in the environment wherein it is played. The fields produced, aid in balancing the subtle bodies, clearing the chakra system and releasing obsolete patterns from cellular memory.

This revolutionary technology is designed to bring health to human and animal life, by nullifying density within a living environment. It is based on sacred and ancient principles received through revelation, and by translation of the glyphs found in holy libraries around the world.

The exponentially created waveform can produce the expanded awareness valued by truth-seekers, in that it promotes non-cognitive, intuitive thinking.

This information is not intended to diagnose illness or to constitute medical advice or treatment. All healing takes place within self.

Individuals with any photosensitive condition (seizure disorder or epilepsy) should be aware that brightly lit, flashing images or patterns may not be advisable for their use. A physician should be consulted for all medical conditions.